Sydney Today, the latest data released by the Bureau of Statistics on April 4, Australian Eastern Time shows: After a year of downturn, investors have begun to return to the Australian real estate market, and the amount of real estate investment loans continues to increase, especially in NSW.


The NSW real estate investment market has also achieved quite good results, with total loans rising 7% in the same period last year. NSW is the only state where investor activity has increased compared to the same period in 2010.

Although from time to time it is still rated as the city with the highest rent or house price among the capital cities of Australia, Sydney's real estate market still attracts a large number of investors. Among the major states, NSW investor loans accounted for the highest proportion of total loans. This also fully proves: NSW real estate rents and housing prices have further increased, and it has a higher return on real estate investment.

The long-term housing shortage in Sydney will further promote it to become the capital city with the lowest rental vacancy rate in Australia. The number of investors and activities in Sydney will continue to rise due to the impact of the shortage of rental housing and the expected increase in rents. (Wendy)

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