2014-01-28 09:57:49 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

Sydney – A violent homicide occurred in Melbourne on January 1 (Australia Eastern Time) on January 28 (last Sunday). Ten youth gang thugs broke into a residential house with machetes and other weapons, causing a 1-year-old man The man was brutally killed, and the other two men and women in the room were chopped to their hands and legs. At present, a group of men have been questioned and investigated by the police.

(The picture shows the yellow car destroyed by the mob)

At around 1:26 pm on January 10th, Australian Eastern Time, 00 young thugs broke into Deer Park with weapons. After damaging a yellow box car parked in the front lane, they broke into Violence followed in a residential house on Billingham Road. A 10-year-old man in the room was brutally killed, and the other two were chopped off their hands and legs and were sent to the hospital for treatment.

After the murder, a group of men were detained by the police on Monday night and were questioned and investigated. "They were later acquitted." A police spokesperson said. He also said that he could not confirm the exact number of people arrested, but added that the police investigation into the murder case is still ongoing.

According to neighbors, the murderers did not show any panic when they left after the incident. Instead, they clamored for racist abuse while "waggering" out of the community. The police said that the attack was not random, and the attacker and the victim knew each other.