Posted on Wednesday, January 2014, 1 22:11
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[Guide] A report on January 1, Australian Eastern Time stated that Chinese tourists visiting Australia are interested in moving to Australia. Many Chinese tourists are attracted by Australia's education system and cleaner environment.

The report pointed out that the evidence that Chinese people want to move to Australia is that Chinese people are rushing to buy apartments in Australia. "Chinese buyers tend to buy houses in communities where Chinese live in more communities, and they usually buy them for their children who are studying in Australia." This is called Chinese Tourists-Exploring New Frontiers. ) Said in the report.

"It is understood that Sydney International Airport sold more Penfolds flagship Grange products than other stores in Australia. Most of them were bought by Chinese tourists, and sometimes they bought more than just one or two bottles. "The report continued.

The report also pointed out that China has become Australia's second largest market for inbound tourists. In the year to September 2013, Chinese tourists spent 9 billion in Australia. And consumer venues such as David Jones, Westfield Shopping Center and Crown Casino have benefited from Chinese tourists.

Source: Sydney Today