The largest Chinese New Year celebration outside mainland China will be held in Sydney

Updated on 21 January 2014, 14:51 AEST
Written by: Li Weiguo Editor: Fang Teng


On January 1, Sydney Mayor Clover Moore announced that the largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Mainland China will be held from January 17 to February 1 in Sydney, Australia's largest city. By then, Sydney’s streets and alleys and major public places will usher in more than 24 colorful celebrations, including art exhibitions, Chinese cooking and delicacies, tea culture and folk handicrafts, temple blessing tours, Lunar New Year feasts, dragon boat races , Lantern Parade, Golden Dragon Ball, Chinese Film Festival and other dazzling festive feasts, inject auspicious atmosphere and strong New Year flavor into the city.

The Mayor of Sydney, Moore, held the 2014 Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration Media Conference at the Taoist Temple Qinglongguan

The Mayor of Sydney, Moore, said in an interview with the ABC reporter that, unlike the name of "Lunar New Year Celebration" in previous years, the name of "Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration" was resumed for this year's celebrations. She said that the name of this celebration has historical origins. The celebration started 18 years ago in a Chinese New Year celebration in the Chinese community in Sydney's Chinatown, so this year continues to retain the name. At the same time, the City of Sydney also invited Vietnam, South Korea and other Asian communities in Sydney who also celebrate the Lunar New Year to participate. Unlike the world’s largest Chinese New Year celebration in previous years outside of Asia, this year’s Sydney Chinese New Year celebration will be the world’s largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Mainland China. Mayor Moore said that Sydney The Lunar New Year celebrations have grown year by year, attracting hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life to participate, especially since the city government launched the night parade of lanterns 10 years ago, the number of people participating has increased year by year.

Mayor of Sydney, Moore, prays for the Year of the Horse

It is reported that the City of Sydney has invested 230 million Australian dollars for this year's celebrations, which is expected to bring up to 700 million Australian dollars in revenue to New South Wales. In the Sydney Taoist Temple Qingsongguan where the media conference for the 2014 Sydney Chinese New Year celebrations was held in the XNUMX Year of the Horse, Mayor Moore personally entered the incense and hit the bell to pray for the coming year. She said that she prayed for world peace, resolution of climate change issues and social justice.

The dance performance of the Year of the Horse is stepping up the rehearsal

Mr. Philip Lai, the head of Qingsong Temple of Sydney Taoist Temple, said that this is the first time that the Sydney City Government has held a Lunar New Year media conference at a Taoist Temple. He is happy for the Sydney City Government to promote and tolerate Taoism and multiculturalism.

The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney and the Embassy in Australia are partners in the annual Chinese New Year celebrations in Sydney. In an interview with ABC, Li Huaxin, the ambassador of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney, said that during the 2014 Spring Festival of the Horse, there will be hundreds of performers from Chinese cultural groups from Hunan, Shaanxi and Beijing, together with the Chinese and local residents in Sydney. Celebrate traditional Chinese festivals and showcase the Chinese New Year cultural concept of "tolerance, harmony and reunion" of Chinese culture.

2014Highlights of the Chinese New Year Celebration in Sydney:

January 1: Opening Ceremony of the Celebration Venue: Belmore Park, Central Sydney

January 1th to 24th: Chinese New Year Market Location: Belmore Park

February 2: Lantern Parade Location: Sydney Town Hall to Darling Harbour

January 1nd to February 22th: "Crossing Boundaries"—Australian Contemporary Art Exhibition Location: Sydney Town Hall

February 2th: Golden Dragon Ball Venue: Sydney Star Entertainment Centre

February 2th: Dragon Boat Race Venue: Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour, Sydney

January 1th to February 24th: Chinese New Year Feast Venue: Major Chinese restaurants in Sydney

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