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The 6-meter-deep cellar footage of the Luo positive slave case announced by the police.

The 6-meter-deep cellar footage of the Luo positive slave case announced by the police.

Li Hao

On September 2011, 9, the police in Luoyang, Henan Province received a call from a woman stating that she and three other women were illegally detained by a man named Li Hao in the basement of Unit 3, Jingfuyuan Community, Kaixuan East Road, Luoyang. In the cave, Li Hao repeatedly raped them and forced them to perform pornographic video performances on the Internet. She escaped by chance when Li Hao let her go out for prostitution. Later, Li Hao was arrested by the procuratorial agency on suspicion of intentional homicide, rape, and illegal detention.

After investigation by the police, in reality, Li Hao is an employee of the Inspection Brigade of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Luoyang City, Henan Province. He has deceived 6 women into the basement, and used beatings and threats to illegally detain them in the burrow he dug. The shortest illegal detention was 2 months, and the longest was 1 year and 9 months. The plot is extremely bad.

Li Hao was approved by the Supreme People's Court for the death penalty for committing intentional homicide, rape, organizing prostitution, and making and disseminating pornographic materials for profit. On the 21st, he was executed in Luoyang City, Henan Province.

To deceive 6 prostitutes under the pretext of prostitution

In August 2009, the defendant Li Hao saw on the Internet that obscene video performances can make money, that is, the idea of ​​detaining prostitutes to engage in obscene video performances to obtain illegal benefits. Later, Li Hao dug a tunnel and underground tunnel in the basement of a community in Xigong District, Luoyang City, and set up 8 heavy iron gates in the tunnel to detain prostitutes.

In October and December of the same year, Li Hao successively named the victims of prostitution "Zhang Xuanxuan" (a pseudonym) and Duan (female, 10 years old at the time) under the name of prostitution. They were also co-defendants in the crime of intentional homicide in this case. , Has been sentenced) deceived to the basement and used violence and threats to detain the two in a cave.

In December 2010, Li Hao used the same method to deceive Jiang Moumou (female, 12 years old at the time, who was also a co-defendant for the crime of intentional homicide in this case) into detention in the same way.

In March, May, and July 2011, Li Hao successively sentenced Zhang Moumou (female, 3 years old at the time, who was also a co-defendant of the intentional homicide crime in this case), Cai Moumou, who was engaged in prostitution activities. Female, died at the age of 5) and Ma Moumou (female, at the age of 7) who sold family planning and health products were deceived and detained in a cave. During this period, Li Hao repeatedly forcibly had sex with the above 20 women and caused Zhang to become pregnant.

Use the contradiction between the victim women to conspire to kill

After the defendant Li Hao deceived the victims "Zhang Xuanxuan" and Duan Moumou into detention in the cave, both tried to escape. In July and August 2010, "Zhang Xuanxuan" took advantage of Li Hao's excavation and attacked Li Hao from behind. Li Hao was angrily handcuffed him to the bed.

Because "Zhang Xuanxuan" refused to give in, Li Hao had the evil idea of ​​killing him. Under Li Hao's intimidation, Duan Moumou, who had a conflict with "Zhang Xuanxuan", also agreed to participate in the killing of "Zhang Xuanxuan" in exchange for freedom. Under the joint efforts of Li Hao and Duan Xuanxuan, "Zhang Xuanxuan" was strangled to death, and the body was buried in a pit under the slab of the underground tunnel.

In May 2011, the defendant Li Hao deceived the victim Cai XX into the above-mentioned cave and detained him. Because he found that Cai had a gynecological disease and could not perform obscene video performances, Li Hao believed that it was of no use value, so he had the idea of ​​letting him die, and revealed to Duan, Jiang, Zhang, and Ma The idea.

After that, Li Hao took advantage of the contradiction between Duan XX and Cai XX to indulge, condone or cooperate with Duan XX to beat Cai XX, and adopted fasting, water prohibition, forced eating and drinking urine, etc. Way to abuse.

At the end of July of the same year, Duan and others beat Cai again, and Cai died that night. In order to cover up the crime, Li Hao and Duan Moumou and others laid Cai Moumou's body in a cement pool in the underground cave.

Make money through online obscene video performances and prostitution

Between March and April 2011, the defendant Li Hao purchased computers, video heads, and opened broadband in the above-mentioned basement, forcing Duan, Jiang, Zhang, Ma and others under his control to visit Obscene video performances were performed in the basement, and viewers were contacted via QQ on the Internet at the prices of "3 yuan for 4 minutes" and "50 yuan for 30 minutes". At the time of the case, Li Hao had produced more than 100 obscene video files and collected thousands of yuan in viewing fees through Alipay and online banking.


On the evening of September 9 of the same year, Li Hao organized Duan Moumou, Zhang Moumou, and Ma Moumou controlled by him to the above-mentioned location for prostitution. Early the next morning, Ma took the opportunity to escape and called the police.

Later, with the cooperation of Ma, the public security personnel rescued Jiang who was detained in the cave, and went to the hotel and the "welfare lottery" shop to rescue Duan and Zhang respectively.

Committing "four crimes" and has been executed

The defendant Li Hao was tried by the Intermediate People’s Court of Luoyang City, Henan Province and sentenced to death for intentional homicide and deprivation of political rights for life; sentenced to life imprisonment for rape and deprivation of political rights for life; and XNUMX years imprisonment for organizing prostitution. , Deprived of political rights for one year and fined RMB XNUMX; sentenced to three years imprisonment and fined RMB XNUMX for the crime of making and disseminating pornographic materials for profit; sentenced to three years imprisonment for illegal detention; decided to execute the death penalty , Deprived of political rights for life, and fined XNUMX yuan.

After the sentence was pronounced, Li Hao appealed. The Higher People's Court of Henan Province issued a ruling on August 2013, 8 after opening a court session in accordance with the law, dismissing the appeal, upholding the original judgment, and submitting it to the Supreme People's Court for approval. The Supreme People's Court formed a collegial panel according to law, interrogated the defendant, and approved Li Hao's death sentence.

The Intermediate People's Court of Luoyang City, after receiving the criminal ruling from the Supreme People's Court to approve the death penalty of the defendant Li Hao, pronounced the sentence in accordance with the law. Li Hao was executed according to law after meeting with his close relatives in the Luoyang Detention Center.