Sydney Today, March 3, Australian Eastern Time. This is a house slightly larger than the garage. It is less than 18 meters wide and covers an area of ​​2.9 square meters. It has a bed, a kitchen, a pet, and a bathroom in it. outside. It is located in a one-sided alley in Evans St, Rozelle, only a step away from the outside. It is now the smallest house in Sydney.

The owner of the house is Mark Middis, and he lives in this small room connected by the first-floor stairs to the next house. He is a documentary filmmaker. He bought this house from a family who bought the laneway next door 20 years ago and turned it into a house for his grandmother. He said: "My neighbors told me that there are always rumors that this is the smallest house in NSW, and the public's attention to it is really amazing. People will stop and look at the little house, and they will drive slowly when cars pass by. I once saw a tourist bus stop, and the tour guide said with a loudspeaker:'This is the smallest house in Sydney. '"

In the past few years, Mr Middis rented out this house and only charged $130 per week. He said: "Each of my friends has lived there for a short time." About four years ago, he renovated the whole house and installed a door to connect to the large house next to it. At present, this is where he and his film production partner work, and in order to have more space in the backyard of the house, they have torn down the small kitchen.

Most real estate agents believe that when people buy a house in the suburbs, people pay more attention to the quality of the house than its size. Real estate agent Peter Gordon. said: “People who have bought a really small house will feel that they are buying an apartment. If the house is two-story, the area of ​​the house can be doubled. People nowadays really Are very good at decorating their house with some very creative ideas.” (Ivy)