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Unique business model: hotel-style charges. He has a very magnificent building (5 star standard), there are 18 rooms, the rooms are very large, with a lot of content, Orz, I won't go into details here; and the beautifully decorated lobby, sauna, bar and other auxiliary entertainment facilities. The business process is very simple. When a guest comes, first book a room, and then you can go to the entertainment facility to find the right girl. In terms of prices, he does not interfere, and it is the guests who negotiate with the girls themselves. His income comes entirely from hotel room rates.

What do they need money for? They need money to distribute rudder in various provinces of Australia and build it into a leading brand in the industry. He does not want to be understood as an evil and corrupt company. Instead, he advocated a legal, regulated x service industry and became an apart of daily life.

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The focus of the prospectus is his financial data. But the amount is not large and the subjects are also very simple. It is estimated that the annual income will be about 2 Australian dollars in the two years before listing and in the current period. The main income comes from the rent of hotel rooms.

Since the rental income is charged on-site, there is no problem of bad debts of accounts receivable common to industrial enterprises. The annual cost is around A$15, mainly management costs and depreciation costs of the hotel building. Such a composition of income and expenses is basically in line with his business model.

In this way, his annual net profit before tax is about A$70. The profit rate of net assets is about 5.5%. I don't know how high the average level of the service industry is. Compared with the overall level of the service industry, this profit rate is not bad.

This part is injected into the company by the boss himself through share swaps, and is initially measured at cost on the account. The boss may inflate the price and lead to an inflated asset. According to the requirements of the International Accounting Standards IFRS, an impairment test is required every year to prevent a large deviation between the book value and the fair value.

However, an accounting firm has already conducted an audit, and the real estate appraiser’s valuation should be no problem. In general, this is a very good financial statement. From the accounts, this is a company with good profitability.

Although the whole story is like a Joke, I think everything he said is in the heart of investors.

He has a very complete company profit model, and has proven successful; their service is very good, industry-leading; completely legal operation, avoid legal risks; he also has good-looking financial statements.

Commercially, there is really no reason to reject him. Facts have proved that the company finally went public and successfully earned 350 million Australian dollars, which is about 200 million US dollars.

Among the 600 new shareholders, some bought 62 US dollars in one go. In addition, the investment bank he asked for listing is ABN ABN, and the consulting company is McKenzieGroup Consulting.

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