Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:09
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[Guide] January 1th, according to a report on the website of Taiwan’s Dongsen TV Station, every year, January 27th is Australia’s National Day. All parts of the country hold large and small celebrations on this day, which is very lively. But there is a tradition you may not have heard of, that is the annual "Little Strong Race"; the event has been held at the "Story Bridge Hotel" in Brisbane since 1, and it is a somewhat "fuzzy" event. , Not only did not scare people away, but also attracted thousands of onlookers.

People can pay 5 Australian dollars to buy a cockroach, or bring their own "Xiaoqiang" to compete. The "cockroach player" will be placed in the center of the round arena and covered by a transparent container. When the game starts, the first The cockroach that broke out of the yellow plastic sheet was the winner.

Source: Chinanews