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1688 News from the Australian Services Union (ASU) warned that the work-for-relief program reformed by the Coalition Party may cause salaried employees to lose a foothold in the workplace, trigger a variety of labor disputes, and damage workplace safety.

The Coalition Party is preparing to revive the work-for-work system of the Howard government era, allowing unemployed Australians to rotate every three months in a voluntary work of local government and community departments. The Australian Service Union, which represents local government workers, warned that the free labor provided by the program could cause paid employees to lose their jobs.

Australian Service Union Deputy Secretary Greg McLean said: "The safest approach is to require supervision and reporting to ensure that any additional work performed by the labor force will not affect the work of our union members."

He also pointed out that due to the lack of safety training, the types of jobs that unemployment benefit recipients can do will be very limited. "In some of these areas, people need a lot of training and master a lot of skills before they start their jobs."

"Now, even the work of picking up paper scraps on the streets is done by machines," McLean said, "and obviously there are insurance policies, employee compensation policies, occupational health and safety issues-there are a series of The problem will be involved. You can't just get the unemployed to a certain corner and say to them,'Go there and prune that tree.' You have to control the number of people, you have to do this."

Federal Assistant Employment Minister Luke Hartsuyker said that the government is currently studying how to implement this plan and will take great care to ensure that the work-for-relief program does not replace paid work. The unemployed will not replace employees whose jobs require special training.

He said that the general public expects the unemployed to earn their own relief.