The territory of Sydney's inner west is gradually approaching the mountains. Lewisham, Petersham and Newtown, which once had more factories than residential buildings, are now included in Western Sydney. Real estate agents even put the Lidcombe area on the market under the label of the inner west.

From the 1930s to the 1940s, the General Post Office in Martin Place was regarded as the geographic center of Sydney, and the Strathfield and Ashfield areas were also included in the scope of West Sydney. Today these residential areas have become the heart of the inner west. Now, Olympic Park and Parramatta CBD are the geographic centers of Sydney, and the "territory" of the inner west is gradually expanding.

According to a data from PR Data, in the year ending June 2011, housing prices in the inner west increased by 6%, the strongest performance in Sydney. In the past year, Silverwater, Campsie, Wentworth Point, Rhodes, Homebush, Liberty Grove, Newington, and even Lidcombe, which is 10 kilometers away from Sydney’s CBD (just 14 kilometers from Parramatta), have been regarded as "prosperous homes". Xicheng District".

Social regionalist Mark McCrindle said that citizens value the region when buying a house. Robert Muir started looking for suitable housing in the inner west at the beginning of this year. He planned to buy a house in the Camperdown area, but finally settled in the Silverwater area.

Muir pointed out: "The real estate agent must use the reputation of the inner west to make a big fuss in marketing, claiming that Silverwater is close to cultural centers such as Norton Street. At first I never thought that I would settle in the Silverwater area. I think it is too far from the city. It belongs to Western Sydney at all. But after I arrived in Silverwater, I discovered that it is not very remote. In fact, the livability here is much better than I thought."