Sydney Today, April 4, Australian Eastern Time, Melbourne introduced a new rating system that will punish owners of ugly buildings in the downtown business district, especially the intersection of Bourke Street and Spencer Street before Like the Savoy Tavern.

The City Hall withdrew the $40 special fund originally dedicated to clearing an impending tavern, a park entertainment field, and a corner sports field last night, because the owner of the tavern, Mark Rowsthorn, rejected the plan. This building was described by the local mayor Robert Doyle as Melbourne’s "mange". It is Melbourne’s most unpopular business card for welcoming foreign tourists, because every year thousands of tourists have to pass through after arriving at Southern Cross Station. Go to the football field here.

The Minister of Tourism and Events, Louise Asher, revealed that the Baillieu government will not force a cleanup of the area. She said: "Although Savoy Tavern is not very beautiful in terms of architecture, it is privately owned. If the area is developed, the government should seriously discuss with the developers how to improve the city's commercial center plan.

Ken Ong, the head of the planning committee of Melbourne City Hall, pointed out: The City Hall staff is committed to building a differential rating system to help clean up the "ruined areas" including taverns. Environmental Councilor Cathy Oke said she supports a differential rating system and she is disappointed that the landowners did not adopt the city hall's vision. She said: "It is unfortunate that such an important place cannot be effectively controlled." (Wendy)

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