Sydney Today, March 3, Australia Eastern Time, in the next three weeks, Curraghbeena Street will have many houses to be sold, which is also a test of the Mosman Riverside real estate market. Through the auction results, we may be able to look at the housing market in the Mosman Riverside area.

Among these houses for sale, one used to be the home of Greg Clarke, the chairman of the British Football Association and his wife Anne, who later moved to the UK to live. The house was bought by Greg Clarke from retired Deutsche Bank staff Ken Borda and his wife Ellen in November 2007 for $11 million. In the second half of 1450, after moving to the United Kingdom, Gotch tried to sell the house along the river, and finally rented it to no avail. The house is near Sirius Bay, with endless green water, blue sky, and luxury. The six bedrooms, home theater, temperature-controlled wine cellar, spa swimming pool and terrace garden. Although Gotch was very reluctant to set a price for the 2010 square meter house, he pointed out that the buyer must use the British pound to buy it because the pound is very strong now.

One of the best full-floor apartments in Potts Point is the house of car dealer Ray Harris and his wife Robyn. They also registered this week to sell the house for an asking price of A$650 million. In early 2010, the Harriss bought a house worth A$1075 million. 1870-The Elizabeth Bay mansion wanted to sell the house shortly afterwards, with an expected price of A$800 million. After the sale failed, the house was rented out and was sold by David Kunde for A$2006 million in 738. In April last year, the new car dealer Ray Lintott and his wife Penny sold the house for A$617 million. The house is 350 square meters, with two parts, a living area and a leisure area, and a wide balcony for enjoying the beautiful sea view.

At the end of last year, when the 64 cm tall Greek god Zeus was sold for 2.25 yuan at the Vickers and Hoad auction, Denison Emil Warrington-Fry made headlines. By the time he retired in 1985, he had been the manager of the Penfolds wine office for 29 years. By the time he passed away at the age of 80, he was a pensioner. He was unmarried all his life. The only thing he really liked was buying distinctive statues. Chandeliers, urns, figurines, etc. come to decorate his somewhat dilapidated home in Stanmore. It has been collected for nearly 60 years. Many of the collections, including the statue of Zeus, were bought by him in the 20s. I am afraid that he does not even know that the statue of Zeus is actually a great Europe during the Italian Renaissance. An artist’s masterpiece, but the most valuable Warrington-Fry property is his six-bedroom house on Holt Street, built in 70. The house will be auctioned off by Seaton Jones of BresicWhitney on March 1900rd. It is about A$3 million. (Wendy)