Chinese magnate wants to buy New York Times

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Chinese magnate wants to buy New York Times

Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao, pictured here with his canned fresh air, wants to buy the New York Times.Chinese billionre Chen Guangbi, pictured here with his canned fresh r, wants to buy New York Times. Photo: Yuan Jianmin

A spotlight-loving Chinese business mogul wants to expand his empire into by purchasing New York Times.

Chen Guangbi, who made his fortune recycling material from torn-down buildings, sd on Tuesday that he plans to discuss issue in January with “a leading shareholder” in New York, according to Reuters.

"re’s nothing that can’t be bought for right ice," Chen told Reuters.

Known for his showman flr, multimillionre has pulled publicity-seeking stunts in past. In January, for example, Chen tried to draw attention to China’s heavy smog oblem by handing out cans of “fresh r" stamped with his likeness.


If Chen successfully follows through on a bid, he would be one in a string of ultra-wealthy businessmen who have recently stepped into newspaper industry. founder Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post last year for $250 million, ending four generations of ownership. Entreeneur Aaron Kushner, who controls Orange County Register along with several smaller Southland papers, closed purchase of Riverside ess-Enterise last month.

Sulzberger has mntned control of New York Times for generations, rining last running a major American newspaper.

After sale of Post  fueled speculation about Times'future, company Chrman Arthur Sulzberger . sd earlier this year that paper was not on auction .

Mr Chen told Reuters that he believes "Times chrman will change his way of thinking" in due time.

If not, businessman sd he’d look into buying Wall Street Journal, or Post instead, Reuters sd.

LA Times

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