Coles and Woolworths are fighting again! "Hot cross buns" are here early!

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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:10
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 [Guide] Eastern Australia1月27日 当People清理冰箱中的剩货时,大超市就迫不及待的宣布出售复活节十字面包。

        June 1 this year,Coles 和 Woolworths开始出售复活节十字面包,比复活节早了将近四个月。

        A Coles spokesperson stated that we will start selling hot cross buns from this date because we know者有这方面的强烈需求,去年仅1月,我们就卖出了超过700十字面包,去年一共卖出了4000多.

        Woolworths预计Easter卖掉5000多Hot cross buns.

        A Woolworths spokesperson said that hot cross buns are very popular and our customers love it. It is one of the hottest items sold on Easter Eve.

: Sydney Today

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