NSW government changes its resolution, developers no longer dream of high-rise buildings

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       News 东部时间3月15日,前工党政府曾批准在悉尼的市中心西部的最大的一个工业区里高度可以达到19层,州政府于最近Made this resolution.

       规划部部长Brad Hazzard指出,前政府所作出的增加Erskineville的Ashmore工业区的密度和高度会的决定会破坏整个周边地区的格局,所以政府支持由悉尼市政府出的将Ashmore房产建设从环保计划中除去的决议。


       市长Clover Moore高度赞赏这种, But local residents believe that the government will still agree会关于高度可以达到九层的建议。Erskineville居民组织的领导人Mike Hatton说:“我们希望政府可以履行2006年作出的最高层数为5层的决定,这个决定后来被前工党政府改为19层。”

       Hatton指出,Malley的工业用地被过度开发,使得Erskineville的人口从6500激增至12000人,应该和州政府一起努力This situation. Hatton also said: "What we really care about is that the government development draft does not mention transportation plans at all, let alone the construction of public infrastructure."

       Goodman Group is the most important developer of this construction. The person in charge of the company said frankly: Since they are working with the Sydney City Government to develop a development plan, they had anticipated this decision in advance. (Wendy)

    Original: http://smh.domain.com.au/real-estate-news/highrise-decision-brought-back-to-earth-20120315-1v4f4.html

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