SYDNEY TODAY. On March 3, Australian Eastern Time, the former Labor Party government approved a 15-story building in the largest industrial area west of Sydney’s city centre. The New South Wales Government recently changed this resolution.

Planning Minister Brad Hazzard pointed out that the decision made by the previous government to increase the density and height of buildings in the Ashmore industrial area in Erskineville would destroy the pattern of the entire surrounding area. Therefore, the government supports the decision made by the City of Sydney to change the construction of Ashmore properties from environmental protection. Resolutions removed from the plan.

Mayor Clover Moore highly appreciates this change, but local residents believe that the government will still agree to the council's recommendation that the building can reach nine floors. Mike Hatton, the leader of the Erskineville Residents Organization, said: "We hope that the government can implement the decision made in 2006 with the highest number of five levels, which was later changed to 5 levels by the former Labor Party government."

Hatton pointed out that the over-development of industrial land in Malley has caused the population of Erskineville to surge from 6500 to 12000. The Australian government should work with the state government to change this situation. Hatton also said: "What we really care about is that the government development draft does not mention transportation plans at all, let alone the construction of public infrastructure."

Goodman Group is the most important developer of this construction. The person in charge of the company said frankly: Since they are working with the Sydney City Government to develop a development plan, they had anticipated this decision in advance. (Wendy)