SYDNEY TODAY. On March 3, Australian Eastern Time, Paul Hogan intends to sell one of his two houses in Los Angeles for A$2 million. Everyone speculated whether the move was related to the struggle with the Australian Taxation Office. Its lawyer Andrew Robinson denied this speculation.

Paul Hogan's 2000-square-meter four-bedroom apartment on the Pacific coast of Los Angeles is ready for sale. Its advertising slogan is "Hampton for Modern Minimalism." Yesterday it was confirmed to be available, and Hogan’s lawyer Andrew Robinson said that the house has nothing to do with Hogan’s widely reported war with the Australian Taxation Department. He said that the sale was not to raise funds to pay legal fees or alleged tax arrears, but simply because he had two houses in Los Angeles, so he wanted to sell one. Hogan’s other house is in Santa Barbara, XNUMX minutes’ drive north of Los Angeles.

Robinson said that the school problems of Hogan's son Chance may be an important reason for his decision. In the future, where he will live is largely determined by the location of the child's school. It is reported that Hogan, his wife Linda and his son Chance are currently living in the Malibu residential area, so initially he wanted to sell the Santa Barbara house, but due to the continued downturn in the high-end real estate market, he did not find a suitable one. The buyer, only then decided to sell the Malibu property. This house is considered "very private" because it has a 70-foot (approximately 20 meters) swimming pool, "each room has a cabinet with fine wood furniture" and "has a large garage." Hogan purchased the property for US$2009 million (about AU$645 million) in 608. He has been condemning the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) because the organization used him as part of the controversial Wickenby project for a long time. Seven years of investigation.