Sydney Today, April 4th, Australian Eastern Time, St George bank has adjusted the interest rates of a series of fixed-rate loans in the past week. This is the first major bank in Australia to move such high-profile interest rates recently.

西太平洋银行将3年期的固定利率抵押贷款的利率降低30个点,降至5.99%,从今日起开始实施。它也将2年期和1年期的固定贷款利率分别调低20个和15个基点,使其都变味5.99%.圣乔治银行首席执行官George Frazis在住房贷款市场的价格波动的会议上指出:“固定利率贷款可以再固定时期内为消费者提供还款利率的保证。”

On Friday afternoon, ANZ raised its variable lending rate by 6 basis points to 7.42%, citing the increase in financing costs. Westpac Bank, Commonwealth Bank and National Australia Bank subsequently announced that their mortgage interest rates were still under consideration. Kookmin Bank promised to maintain the lowest mortgage interest rate among the four major banks in 2012.

Australia’s major banks are facing a slowdown in consumer loans and a decline in business. They have now begun to compete in absorbing deposits and loans. Citi Australia also lowered its 3-year fixed mortgage interest rate by 7 basis points to 6.25%. (Wendy)

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