Posted on Thursday, January 2014, 1 23:09
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[Guide] Recently, Telstra Australia launched a new discount package. Users who use the new package only need to pay 130 yuan a month to enjoy unlimited calls.

Previously, if Telstra users' talk time exceeded the monthly limit, they could face bills of up to thousands of dollars. Telstra is the last of Australia's three major telecommunications companies to make this reform, which marks that consumers and mobile phone operators have entered a new era together.

Telstra has more than 700 million prepaid mobile contract customers who can enjoy the new charging standard as long as they sign up for the "Every Day Connect" package.

Three weeks ago, Optus satirized Telstra's sky-high bill in an anti-bill scare advertisement. With Optus limiting the monthly excess charge to RMB 20, Vodafone Australia also introduced unlimited calls into the package at the end of last year.

Today, Telstra deliberately contacted Optus and said that the company has made such a huge change that Optus’s ads are meaningless.

Source: Sydney Today