Welfare groups up in arms over suggestions Australia Post could charge extra for daily deliveries | Australia

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Welfare groups up in arms over suggestions Australia Post could charge extra for daily deliveries

Published 22 Jary 2014, 7:48 AEST
Caroline winter

Welfare and groups say any move by Australia Post to charge a fee for mail delivery would disadvantage low-income earners and regional areas.

Play Me, I'm YoursAustralia Post postie Australia Post’s survey asked if customers prefer hag mail delivered three times a week or pay $30 per year for daily delivery. (Credit: Audience Submitted) 

In its annual online survey, Australia Post asked customers if y would prefer to have ir post delivered three times a week, or pay an annual $30 fee for daily delivery.

South Australia's Council of Social Service says many simply cannot af yearr expense.

"This is a really important, vital service particularly for on low incomes who are already hag a really hard time with cost of lig pressures," spokesman R Wommersley said.

"y rely on Australia Post being able to deliver not just ir bills but also a whole lot of or things that help m piece ir lives toger.

"Adding an additional price to that could in fact be really debilitating."

Mr Wommersley said any fee would be an "appalling impost" for relying on welfare payments, such as Newstart.

NSW Chamber said introduction of eir a fee or periodic delivery would burden .

"If it did come to fruition… it would certainly ground a lot of commercial progress, not so much to a halt, but it would slow it down," said spokesman Dan Kelly.

"Particularly regional Australia, and regional New South Wales where I'm from, it would have a dramatic impact on a number of es that rely on postage and postage services."

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