Sydney Today, April 4th, Australian Eastern Time, the well-known "resident" of Lake Ginninderra, William Woodbridge, will move out of his "water house" after receiving assistance from the first regional government.

After living in the "House on the Water" for three months, William Woodbridge will move to land-living in an apartment in Belconnen. A spokesperson for the Community Services Bureau confirmed at a meeting yesterday that the 3-year-old William Woodbridge had accepted the housing provided by the government. He said: "The first district housing management office has been negotiating with William Woodbridge since receiving the housing assistance application from William Woodbridge. Woodbridge has now accepted Belconnen's residence."

This is the third institution to provide accommodation for this Canberra student. Woodbridge previously rejected Tuggeranong and Woden accommodation. In an interview with The Canberra Times yesterday, Woodbridge said: “Accepting this residence makes me feel very contradictory, because if the government can do these things for the people, why not do it before?”

The cost of student accommodation is an important reason for Woodbridge’s opposition. He lived in Lake Ginninderra "to make everyone aware of the seriousness of student accommodation." Woodbridge said that as a student, it is difficult for him to pay for accommodation. However, people who can enjoy public rental housing must pay 25% of their weekly income as rent.

Since his special "House on the Water" appeared, Woodbridge has become the focus of media attention and also attracted the attention of government departments. His house on the water violated the lake law promulgated by the chief government in 1976-prohibiting the use of the lake on the boat as a residence. Two weeks ago, the government issued a deadline for Woodbridge. (Wendy)

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