Zooey Deschanel designs vintage dresses for Tommy Hilfiger – Fashion – Sydney

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       American actress Zooey Deschanel inBoundaryShe has been tepid, although she is suspected of having a face-to-face with Katy Perry,位多栖艺人还是凭借独到的个人品味成为了小众范围内的偶像。电影《和萨莫的500天(500 Days of Summer)》大概是国内大众最为熟悉的.上Zooey本人的品味也与片中女主人公颇为相似,清新、复古,透着一星半点的性感和怪异。现品牌Tommy Hilfiger业已看中了她的这一特质,力邀其为品牌设计了16款复古连衣裙,售价为99-199美元,4月14日起在全美最大百货Macy's is launched, aimed at the girl next door who yearns for a little extraordinary.







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