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American actress Zooey Deschanel's development in the entertainment industry has been tepid. Although there is a suspicion of colliding with Katy Perry, the multi-skilled artist has become a fashion icon in a niche with his unique personal taste. The movie "500 Days of Summer (500 Days of Summer)" is probably the most familiar work among the domestic public. In fact, Zooey's own taste is quite similar to that of the heroine in the film. It is fresh and retro, showing a bit of sexy and weird. Now the American brand Tommy Hilfiger has taken a fancy to her characteristic, and it is strongly invited to design 16 vintage dresses for the brand, priced at US$99-199, which will be listed on Macy's, the largest department store in the United States from April 4. It is the girl next door who longs for the little extraordinary.