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The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, paid a New Year greeting to all ethnic groups in mainland China and Chinese people from all over the world, including Taiwan, on the eve of the horse in the lunar calendar at the winter Naadam event on the Xilin Gol grassland in Inner Mongolia.

According to the mainland’s official CCTV, Xi Jinping stood in the snow on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia during the day, wearing a fleece hat and heavy clothes, speaking with Mongolian herders while praying for blessings, and bowed his hands to everyone.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Xi Jinping said that the Lunar New Year is a traditional festival for the Chinese nation and a common holiday for Chinese people all over the world. He would like to take this opportunity to extend Chinese New Year blessings to the people of all ethnic groups in mainland China and also to overseas Chinese including Taiwan. Good wishes, good health, family happiness and all the best.

Xi Jinping also hopes that the people on the mainland will continue to promote the "unstoppable dragon horse spirit" in the Year of the Horse, and wish the people a happier life.

Xi Jinping attended the winter Naadam event in the Xilin Gol Grassland of Inner Mongolia. "Naadam" is Mongolian, meaning "game" or "entertainment". It is the Mongolian traditional annual physical sports competition festival, usually in the summer from July to August. Held; but in response to the Chinese New Year, Inner Mongolia also holds winter Naadam events.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Xi Jinping inspected Inner Mongolia. He first inspected the army. On January 1, he listened to a briefing on the work of the Mongolian Autonomous Region Party Committee and the Government. He reiterated his anti-corruption stance and demanded that "comrades in the party, especially leading cadres, must stress self-cultivation and morality. Talk about integrity and shame", so that "the rich cannot be lewd, the poor cannot be moved, and the mighty cannot be yielded."

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