Sacrifice with a spear? Sydney man was shot and bombed during funeral – Australian News – Sydney

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         Sydney News, January 1, Eastern Time, Australia 西悉尼,一名男子的肩部中弹,这可把前来送葬的人吓坏了。因为当时他正经过一名惨遭枪击致命的受害者的葬礼。

        At about 9:XNUMX (Australian Eastern Time) on Tuesday night,On Greystanes Road, Greystanes, the police found that the 38-year-old man had been shot in the shoulder. His injuries were not life-threatening. He was taken to Westmead Hospital for treatment.

        “早期的调查表明,这可能是一起有性的攻击事件。”警方Said in a statement.

        试图把男子肩部中枪的与上周日凌晨19岁的Dyllan KettuleLocated in Canley Vale单元楼外惨被枪击致死的案子联系起来。

        At that time葬礼处对面的本地人Zac听到了枪声。“我走到外面,看见对面马路引不下的, A group of womenThat scream, I saw someone start to run in车子里。”Macquarie Radio said.


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