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Global stock markets fell across the board

Updated on 28 January 2014, 12:07 AEST
Compiler: Fang Teng Editor: Lu Yang

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the stock markets in Greater China have fallen successively.Coupled with the market's concern that the Fed will continue to reduce its bond purchases, global stock markets have generally fallen.

Image: A man looks at quotation board flashing share princes of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Image 2011-10-31 Global stock markets fell across the board (Credit: AFP) 

在华尔街,美国三大指数均出现。道琼斯指数收市0.26 % ,连续第5日。纳斯达克指数收市1.08 % 。标准普尔500指数收市0.48 % ,连续第3日。在欧洲,三大股指也纷纷低收,伦敦金融时报100指数收市113点。法兰克福DAX指数收市42点。巴黎CAC指数收市16 points.

On,港股恒生指数收市2.11 %。上证指收市1 %。深圳综合指数收市近0.6 % 。台湾加权指数在前最后一个交易日1.6 %。台股一月份累积1.7 % 。东京日经指数收市2.5 % ,创两个月收市新低。韩国首尔综合指数收市近1.6 % ,创5个月收市新低。

The Australian stock market was closed for one day due to the National Day holiday on Australia Day.

On方面,国际,纽约期油收市报每桶95.72美元,跌92美分,跌幅近1 % 。伦敦期油收市报每桶106.69美元,跌1.19美元,跌幅1.1 % 。

In terms of gold prices, New York's February gold futures closed at $2 per ounce, down $1263.4.


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