Chinese Businessmen plans to build 72-meter-high luxury hotel, state capital is called "too high and horrible" – Australian News – Sydney

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         悉尼讯 澳洲东部时间1月30日 Nhine (维州州长)政府已经拒绝了一个颇具争议性的酒店和Development plan, because this development plan may blockThe scenery of the building.

         Chinese developers投资公司计划把位于墨尔本Bourke街的Palace Theae改造成一个72米高的塔楼,将其打造成Starwood W Hotel。

        This one是由建筑师Bates Smart设计的,并得到了维州旅游发展局和其他一些商界人士的大力支持。但是墨尔本市和和维州规划厅称,这个塔楼违反了该的高度限制,会挡住The scenery of the building.

        规划厅主席Ken Ong称,尽管开发商将高度减少了约30米,但是它仍然与Bourke Hillp不搭。“我们试图保持尽可能多的从The long-term view of the building steps is a clear message, and sometimes people need to respect the planning regulations. "He said.

         But the developers stated that they will continue to work with Nhine政府和墨尔本市Negotiations, hoping to build this five-star W hotel.


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