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After Brother Today was invited to take you on an in-depth tour of Taronga Zoo Australia last week, would you like to see these cute and cute animals? Or have you met them in your backyard or park and are no longer strangers? In fact, in this zoo surrounded by mountains and the sea, in addition to native Australian animals, animals from other parts of the world are not to be missed.

Needless to say, there are about 340 animals from 2600 different breeds in the zoo. Today, I can hardly see them, so let me tell you about the animals you can’t miss.

In the history of Australian zoos, Taronga Zoo was the second zoo to successfully hatch a platypus, and the first Asian elephant born on the Australian mainland was here. This baby elephant named Luk Chai was born on July 2009, 7, and the second baby elephant, Pathi Harn, born in the zoo is more popular. Because on March 4, 2010, everyone thought he had died in childbirth, but on March 3, after a week of childbirth, he survived tenaciously. So the name Pathi Harn means miracle in Thai. Now in the elephant hall, you can see that the two baby elephants have grown up a lot and interact with tourists a lot. As the mammal with the longest pregnancy period (8-3 months), watching the baby elephants thrive and make people feel the tenacity of vitality.

Not far away from Asian elephants is the giraffe, which many people like very much. In addition to the natural and cute appearance, the opera house and CBD can be seen behind the giraffe park. As giraffes with inherent advantages, they will naturally not miss this beauty. There is a regular giraffe explanation session every day, and there is also a chance to feed the giraffe and experience the taste of eating with a long neck.

Speaking of the most envied animal park today, it must be the Himalayan Tal sheep. Their park is on a hillside. You can see the opera house and CBD from the top, and you can see the sea from the ground. In our country, the Himalayan Tal sheep, which is classified as a first-class protected animal, love to climb up and down on the rocks by nature, so in the park you can see that they are basically lying lazily on the tall stones and basking in the sun. , Overlooking the park below. 

Among the many animals, many are naturally cute, but if you know how to sell cute animals, you must go to see the meerkat. When they stand upright and look around, there will always be children around them yelling at them happily. But despite their small size, they love to be cute. Their attack power can even be afraid of cobras. In the African continent, venomous snakes often become their dishes. Go ahead and you will see the Fennec Fox, which was popular on Weibo before. Those who migrated from North Africa to Sydney, it can be said that they do not have to face the harsh natural environment, so they all grow very moisturized. Two iconic big ears make people cannot help but love them.

After watching the animals on the ground, walking down the mountain is the paradise for the animals in the water. Seals, penguins and sea lions all live here and meet everyone across the glass curtain wall. By the side of the small pool where they rested, today the brother saw the keeper's sister brushing the seals' teeth. In the big water tank, watching all kinds of animals swimming in front of you, I can't wait to play with them in it.

As for the lions, tigers, zebras, orangutans passing by, they are all venues that cannot be missed. I won't talk about them here. In the beautiful zoo, enjoy the scenery with many animals, these are reserved for you to experience for yourself. When leaving, take Ferry, and my heart is full of love and joy, making you love this continent even more and letting you understand the beauty of life.

Finally, the zoo actually provides a variety of activities for visitors to participate in. Next week, today I will give you a detailed talk.

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