Foreigner fined 67 yuan for running lights in Sydney CBD, arguing that he did not know it was illegal – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-29 17:52:00 Source: Sydney Original URL  Marieedit

         Sydney News, January 1, Australian Eastern Time, people who cross the road at lunchtime in the Sydney CBD should pay attention! If caught by the police, you will be fined $29!

         在Market和Pitt 街的十字路口处,警方在短短90分钟时间里就开出了数十张罚单。上午11时30分到1点之间,这个交叉路口处有四名警察“镇守”,他们死死地盯着那些的路人。

(Market and Pitt Street crossing assault battle)

        一名警察抓住了一名英国游客,他惨被, Was also称“这样过马路很危险”。“我被罚了67澳元,我不知道(这是违法的)。”Lawrence Tate说道。

(A woman was arrested tragically)


(The policeman stares at the passerby wearing a red light)

        悉,这次的闪电战是警方严厉打击CBD乱穿马路的行为和减少行人死亡行动的一部分。自2012年9月开展Operation Franklin行动以来,在方面,警方已经开出了2500个罚单。


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