How to make Australia's hottest single of the year

Updated on 29 January 2014, 11:10 AEST
Compiler: Yan Li, Editor: Yang Yuxin

The annual selection of XNUMX popular songs by Triple J Youth Music Station under the Australian Broadcasting Corporation attracts millions of people every year. Now let's take a look at what kind of songs are the easiest to gain fans' hearts and take away the top song titles?

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The Triple J Hottest 100 voting activity in Australia has become the world’s largest mass voting activity since its establishment before 1993. The organizer, Triple J, announces and counts down the 1 selected songs on Australia Day on January 26 each year, which has also become an Australian tradition.

The listeners who participated in this event voted for their favorite songs from the songs released globally in the previous year, and finally calculated the 100 most popular songs and played them on Triple J radio.

So is there any secret to being shortlisted for these 20 hits? Let's review the hit song champions of the past XNUMX years and see if they have any common characteristics.

1. How long is the most attractive song?Is there a magic song duration?Source: ABC According to a Brazilian study, the average length of popular songs in the 50s was two minutes and 36 seconds, but now the average length of songs is 4 minutes and 26 seconds. So how long is the song most likely to be favored by fans? Although the British band Muse won the title of Knights of Cydonia in 2007’s top 20 songs for more than six minutes, if you average the champion songs of the past 2 years, you’ll find that fans are about four minutes long. The songs are the most obsessed. XNUMX. A strong beat for all agesBeat it. Just beat it.Source: ABC's previous championship songs averaged 119.9 beats per minute, which is about two beats per second. Recall those classic hits, such as Tom Jones''She's a Lady' and Crystal Waters' '100% Pure Love.', which are all songs with a strong rhythm. In other words, if a song allows you and your dad to twist with the music twice, then this song is very promising! 3. Who wears the most fashionable? Or is it really okay to put it bluntly?Who wore it best? And does it even matter?Source: ABC has no short answer to this question. But the truth is that no one seems to care what the band wears. Even on the album covers of the champion songs of the past 20 years, there are 12 album covers without the band at all. But here we still have to mention the album covers of two championship songs. One shows a singer wearing a classic rock suit – a leather jacket, and the other is the 2012 champion Macklemore wearing him and he spent a dollar from a second-hand store. The album cover of the bought "Fox Fur Short Coat".

4. Is it better to come early than to come by coincidence?When should I release my song?Source: ABC look at the above statistics table, the answer to this question is self-evident-among the champion songs of the past 20 years, the songs released from August to October accounted for more than half of the total. Why is this? We can't think of a precise answer. We can only say that it may be too early. Fans have forgotten you when they vote at the end of the year, or they have become ears of your songs. So it's better to come early than to come by coincidence! 8. Act alone or go out in groups?Is it better to go it alone, or stick together?Source: ABC's conclusion on this question is simple-since 1993, only three solo artists have won the championship, while the other 15 are bands, and two are groups. So if you want your music to be the king of hits, you may have to share the honor with your partner. 6. Let's talk about "sex"Let's talk about sex, baby.Source: ABC's statistical chart shows that in 20 years, 13 years of champion songs are from boy bands, 3 years are male and female bands, and the other 3 years are solo male artists. Solo female artists and girl bands have never sat on the throne of champions. It is not difficult to see that men have an absolute advantage in triple J's top XNUMX songs. However, the male monopoly may be broken this year by Lorde, a girl singer from New Zealand.

7. Is it rock or hip hop?Should I rock, or should I roll?Source: ABC indie rock, alternative rock... There is no doubt that Australian fans have a soft spot for rock. Only one year (2013) in the Triple J Top 1993 Songs vote was hip-hop song crowning. But you don’t have to be too angry, because the 8 championship winner is a musical comedy album! XNUMX. What is the name of that song?What was the name of that song again?Source: The title of the ABC's previous champion songs is an average of 14 characters, but the length doesn't really matter. Some of the titles of the champion songs have only 6 characters, and some have 28 characters. In fact, as long as they don’t look like the song title in the picture above, there are 450 characters in total! But the most important thing is not to exceed 140 characters, because after all, you always post the song title on Weibo, right? 9. Where did it come from? {"DataSourceUrl":"//″,"option"Styles":{"titleSizeText },"Animation":{"duration":16},"backgroundColor":"#ffffff","colors":["#cfe0f2","#3fa6dc","#8b0"],"width":5394, "DisplayMode":"regions","hAxis":{"useFormatFromData":true,"minValue":null,"viewWindow":{"min":null,"max":null},"maxValue":null}, "VAxes":[{"useFormatFromData":true,"minValue":null,"viewWindow":{"min":null,"max":null},"maxValue":null},{"useFormatFromData":true, "MinValue":null,"viewWindow":{"min":null,"max":null},"maxValue":null}],"booleanRole":"certainty","title":"Chart title"," height":600,"legend":"right","datalessRegionColor":"#f371f3f3"},"state":{},"view":{},"isDefaultVisualization":false,"chartType":"GeoChart" ,"ChartName":"Chart 3"} As a popular song voting event held in Australia, it is no wonder that half of the champions in 1 years are songs composed by Australian musicians. But the other half are: five from the United States, three from the United Kingdom, and one each from Scotland and Ireland. As one of the traditional celebrations of Australia Day, Australians like to have a BBQ with friends on this day (January 20) while listening to the countdown to the top 1 songs on Triple J Radio. But now this tradition is also beginning to spread to the world. For example, in 26, fans from Canada, the United States, Japan, France, Peru, Sweden, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina, Vietnam and other countries held parties in their cities. Let’s listen to the countdown together.

Ranking Country Party registrations
1 澳大利亚 3374
2 Canada 79
3 美国 67
4 英国 48
5 Japan 33
6 新西兰 16
7 France, Indonesia, Mexico 9
8 Peru, Sweden 8
9 Germany, Netherlands, Singapore 7
10 Argentina, Vietnam 6

Countdown to 2012 Hot Songs in XNUMX Number of parties around the world

10. Last and most important pointAnd finally, the most important measure: can you dance to it?Source: ABC actually talked about popular songs. The author believes that the most important selection criterion should be whether the song can make the listener restless, scratching the ears, and having to dance for a good time. After experience and intense debate, we found that half and half of these songs can meet this standard. It’s a pity that the Harlem dance has never appeared... You can listen to it on Radio Australia from 1 noon AEST on Sunday, January 26 or through Listen online.