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"This is Li Na's attitude towards her mentor Yu Liqiao! So indifferent! It can be said that she lacks the minimum respect for people." Qian Gang, director of the sports department of Hubei "Wuhan Evening News", recently posted a message on Weibo that Li Na was ungrateful and coldly treated Teacher. But a large number of netizens supported Li Na, believing that she deserved to face her former coach. The two sides confronted each other in the air, adding the smell of gunpowder.

When Li Na returned to Wuhan on Monday, not only did she take pictures with Hubei Provincial Party Secretary Li Hongzhong but did not see a smile, she also looked indifferent when facing the former coach Yu Liqiao who embraced her. Qian Gang posted four Weibo posts in a row, criticizing Li Na for "you are a spoiled girl, and you just lack at least human warmth." He believed that Li Na lacked respect for her teacher and declared: "I will no longer watch any of your games."

However, some netizens held injustices for Li Na, saying that she was driven to a dead end by the system in the past, why no one spoke for her at the time. Some netizens bluntly said: "In the past, someone who always bullied you, after you succeeded, came to congratulate you falsely. How do you feel? If Li Na did not even enter the top 16 at the Australian Open this time, she would come back for the Chinese New Year. Will she be grandly picked up? Will her "mentor" still hug her at the airport?"

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