Bryce resigns as former army commander in March to become Australia's new governor-Australian News-Sydney

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2014-01-28 14:22:11 Source: SBS Original URL  Marieedit

          SBS News Prime Minister Tony Abbott officially appoints former army general Pete Coase夫(Peter Cosgrove)为新一任总督,接替现任总督昆廷·布(Quentin Bryce).This news has been confirmed.

         Pete Coase夫(Peter Cosgrove)作为新一届的总督,将于三月起就职,任期五年。

         Kos夫曾在1999年领导澳大驻东帝汶维和部队,随后进入军队并在2002年到2005年间担任国防军上将。他还曾在气旋拉里(Larry)Leading disaster relief after northern Queensland部队赶赴灾区,汤斯维尔的一个甚至在2008年改名科斯Husband to其做出的贡献。


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