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The latest American NBA player Sam Young recruited by the Sydney Kings basketball team has recently officially moved into Top Ryde City Living, an award-winning residential estate under the Sydney real estate developer Crown Real Estate Group, becoming the tallest resident in the estate.

The 198 cm tall, 28-year-old former NBA star joined the Sydney Kings basketball team in the second half of the season, injecting new vitality into the team.

The forward who played for the NBA team Indiana Pacers has played in 249 games. For the Sydney Kings, which are facing fierce competition at the end of the season, it can be said to be an important asset.

Sydney Kings general manager Rod Harys said that the team warmly welcomes this extraordinary international basketball player to join.

"Sam Young is an outstanding basketball player. It is impossible for us to refuse this golden opportunity to let him join." He said.

"In the past few games he participated in, we have all seen significant progress in the team's performance."

Adam Sparkes, Sales and Marketing Director of Crown Group, welcomed Sam Young as a new guest of Top Ryde City Living and personally showed him around this large estate and new home.

"It is an exciting thing to be able to allow world-renowned first-class athletes to live in the housing estates of Crown Group."

"Top Ryde can provide a complete living environment and facilities. Our cooperation with the team during the 2013-14 season is both wise and gaining local support."

Rod Harys, the general manager of the Sydney Kings, said that he is very happy that this well-known basketball player from a long way from the United States can be arranged to live in such a high-quality housing estate.

"Sydney Kings basketball players can enjoy the complete facilities that Top Ryde City Living provides. The team couldn't be more happy."

"Elite athletes need to exercise with a certain level of equipment to be able to compete with others on the court."

"It is rare to be able to find such complete and high-level supporting facilities in residential estates," he said.

Top Ryde City Living has recently been awarded two prestigious architectural design honors, including the "2013 Real Estate Excellence Award" by the Association of Builders (MBA), and the "NSW" by the Australian Urban Development Institute (UDIA). President's Award".

As we all know, Sam Young is very diligent in exercising, which makes the well-equipped Top Ryde City Living his best choice for housing estates.

"Top Ryde has complete supporting facilities and equipment, so Sam Young can exercise as much as possible."

Crown Group currently has four major development projects in Sydney.

Sam Young will participate in six home games for the rest of the season and a series of playoffs later. The residents of Sydney will be able to see him on the court.

Tickets for the game are now on sale. For details, please visit www.sydneykings.com.au.

Top Ryde City Living's last phase of development, Viva by Crown, is now on sale. A selection of one- and two-bedroom apartments are available for purchase.

The price starts from 61 yuan.

The Viva by Crown demonstration unit is located at:

Top Ryde City Shopping Center No. 3019
The junction of Devlin Street and Blaxland Road, Ryde District (located on the ground, next to the Australian Post Office)

The Viva by Crown show flat is open from XNUMX am to XNUMX pm from Monday to Friday.