Sydney schoolgirl was dragged into the toilet and raped: Uncle Dabai was released! – Australia News – Sydney

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2014-01-29 13:20:28 Source: Sydney Original URL  Nikiedit

        Sydney News: The 1-year-old girl in Sydney that took place last Wednesday on January 29th, Australia Eastern Time (站惨遭拖入厕所内强暴一案如今又有了新进展,警方在收到由警探提供的新证后,已撤回了对该名男子在StrathfieldstationFemaleAllegations, and the new evidenceThe specific content of is currently unknown,It was revealed that the "victim" girl made a false statement to the police.

(The picture shows Mr. Ben Kooy outside the courtroom)

        上周三,34岁的Ben Kooy因涉嫌将一名17岁的女拖进厕所内,遭到了警方的抓捕。CCTV录像显示,Kooy在平台和少女进行了搭讪。警方后来得知,该名少女当时是要乘Go to school.

        Soon after the incident, Mr. Kooy was arrested by a nearby police officer and charged with sexual intercourse without the consent of others. He was refused bail by the Burwood District Court the next day.However, since the new certificate被呈递后,案情发“翻天覆地”的变化。一名警方发言人表示,Flemington的警探们在上找出了新证.

        "After further investigation, the new certificate已于上周日被呈递给了Burwood保释法庭的法官,未经他人同意性交的指控已被撤回。”一名警方发言人说道。

        Currently, the new certificateThe specific content is not yet clear, and it is possible that the victim girl made a false statement to the police.Mr. Kooy, wearing a blue shirt and suit pants, said outside the court that it was a "tribulation" and "test" for him, but he was now "more comfortable." "I have nothing to say,它终于结束了。”他说道。


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