2014-01-29 10:55:55 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

SYDNEY (Australian Eastern Time) on January 1th, after former Federal Labour MP Craig Thomson allegedly denied the charges of abusing union public funds for prostitution, a former prostitute pointed out that he was lying and claimed that she had received Mr. Thomson. After calling for service, he had sex with him many times.

(The picture shows Craig Thomson, a former Federal Labor MP)

Ms. Mary Smith told the police that at first she thought Mr. Thomson was just an ordinary clientele. He called himself "Craig" and occasionally asked her for a glass of champagne when he met her in the Sydney CBD. She said that she didn't know until last year that her "regular customer" "Craig" turned out to be the politician Thomson, and she was shocked when she saw him saying that she had never hired a prostitute, so she came forward to testify.

"From 2007 to 2008, I worked at Room Services in Surry Hills. I met him at least 6 or XNUMX times. He usually had sex with me in bed and showered before and after. He was my three regular customers. One, when we usually meet, he calls for sex services. He never has sex with me twice in a one-time service. I remember sometimes, he will extend the sex service, but he will pay for it. And usually just to chat with me." Ms. Smith said.

After Ms. Smith left the pornography service industry in 2008, she was shocked when she happened to see Thomson denying ever hiring prostitutes on TV. "He is lying, and I am pretty sure that the client I served during that time was this person." She said.