Sydney Opera House put on "Chinese Red" fireworks to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Horse – Australian News – Sydney

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

2014-02-01 00:57:15 Source: Xinhuanet Original URL  Celia

  新华网2月1日电 中国农历除夕夜,标志性建筑悉尼歌剧院举行亮灯仪式,换上“红装”、燃放烟火,Year of the Horse.


  Offarrell said, let标志性建筑悉尼歌剧院披上“红装”,是表示Government to的重视,是感谢华社会的贡献并向华裔社区祝贺中国农历新年。


  Red is喜爱的色彩,也是吉庆幸运的色彩。当晚五彩缤纷的烟花也照亮了整个悉尼歌剧院。


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