2014-01-28 10:06:18 Source: Sydney Original Website Celiaedit

Sydney News on January 1th, Australian Eastern Time, the police said that the case of a group of men forcibly breaking into residential houses in Sydney's southwest was a targeted attack.

It is understood that at around 2 pm yesterday, the gang forcibly entered the residential house on Gwandalan Rd with a baseball bat and beat the three men in the house.

The police said that the house and the three people in the house are familiar to the police.

One man was sent to the hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening, another needed medical staff to treat head wounds, and another man wearing only underwear had cuts and bruises on his legs.

According to the police, the three victims were all in their 3s and had nothing to do with each other, and there was no loss in the house. It is not known if anyone else was at home at the time of the incident.

The attackers were described as white and Pacific Islander in appearance.

Anyone familiar with the situation should call the fight crime hotline.