2014-01-28 11:39:16 Source: Sydney Original Website Marieedit

Sydney News, January 1, Australian Eastern Time. Are you late this morning? But you are not the only one. This morning, thousands of Sydney travellers lined up to buy train tickets. Because of the school holiday, the long weekend of Australia Day is over, so many people buy tickets.

The queues are extremely long. At many stations in Sydney, some passengers who buy weekly tickets even have to wait 20 minutes to buy tickets. It is reported that the NSW government is currently promoting Opal cards (similar to Myki Card in Melbourne, Go Card in Brisbane and Smart Rider in Perth). The promotion of Opal cards will avoid long queues at ticket offices and automatic ticket machines. occur.

(Epping Station, northwest of Sydney)

With the Opal card, you don't need to buy a paper ticket, you only need to charge the card to use it. This card supports all public transportation. Passengers can recharge money online, which avoids the crowded queue for ticket purchase. Regrettably, although Opal cards can be used at many train stations in Sydney, it has not been extended to all train stations.