Elantra Australia: Singer makes a comeback at Country Music Festival

Updated on 31 January 2014, 7:24 AEST
Compiler: Ma Jianyuan, Editor: Lu Yang

The 42nd Country Music Festival in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia came to an end. The last grand event of the day was the presentation of the "Golden Guitar Award" in recognition of the best performers in country music in the past year. The most popular of the awards ceremony was the female singer Sara Stoller, who had retired for six years before. She won the "Best Female Singer Award", "Best Album of the Year Award" and "Best Album of the Year" in one fell swoop. "Annual Chorus Award" is truly the biggest winner of this country music festival.

Country music singer-songwriter Sara Storer Australian female singer makes a comeback at the Country Music Festival (Credit: ABC)

Sara Storer (Sara Storer) was originally a teacher from Victoria. She came across a professional shooter who hunted buffaloes for a living. She was so fascinated by his experience that she wrote her first song. Since then, Sara has forged an indissoluble bond with country music and became a singer and composer of country music.

In the heyday of her singing career, Sarah Stoller won seven awards at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, setting a record. A few years ago, she married and had children, and her busy family life prevented her from taking care of music creation. When she deliberately picked up her pen to resume music creation, she faced the challenge of empty-headedness. Sarah was confused and frustrated, thinking that she was exhausted and had the idea of ​​giving up singing.

Sara revisited the old place with nostalgic mood in 2012 and returned to Tamworth. Fortunately, she met the nostalgic person who gave advice. This nobleman is John Williamson, an old man in country music. Williamson’s advice is that there is no age limit for singing. Similarly, there are inexhaustible and inexhaustible materials for song creation. As long as you open your eyes and open your mind, write down the meaningful parts of what you see and hear. A masterpiece, a good song.

Sara regained country music, and her original album "Lovegrass" won the "Best Album of the Year" award at this Tamworth Country Music Festival. The experience of returning to the embrace of country music made her so excited. No wonder she shed tears of gratitude when accepting the award.

The main award winners of this year's music festival also include veteran singer Lee Kernaghan, who won the "Best Male Singer", "Best Single of the Year" and "Best Song Video Short Film". Ashleigh Dallas, a young female singer who just debuted, won the "New Talent Award", which was presented by the Governor of New South Wales O'Ferrall himself.