"Grab a red envelope" is a handful of chicken essence in festivals

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Posted on January 2014, 1 Friday 16:08

[Guide] This game that uses boredom to fight against boredom can at least become a kind of "New Year custom" in the Spring Festival this year. It will make the Spring Festival a little more fresh and fun, and let familiar friends cheer together.

        The Spring Festival, which can be described as "fun", seems to exist only in childhood memories. When we get to the age when we are forced to marry by our parents, the Spring Festival is no longer so interesting. However, the recent hot "grab red envelope" game may make this Spring Festival different.

        "Snatching red envelopes" is not strictly a game. It is a commercial marketing for Tencent to gain access to the mobile payment market through WeChat. However, the vast majority of people who are keen to play "Snatching Red Envelopes" and "Sending Red Envelopes" do not care whether they are caught in Tencent's trap, nor do they care whether they have earned ten or twenty or lost eighty one hundred. One more reason to be happy, one more platform to have fun with friends, to sprinkle chicken essence for the Spring Festival is actually enough.

        Spring Festival上,往年只能看美剧、打扑克、嗑瓜子,今年可以守在一个个微信群里,抢领导、同事、同学发的红包——靠平时积攒的人品赢得真金白银,终究是件美妙的事。微信群太少?每节车厢那么多人,摇一摇然后建个群就行了嘛。曾经单调的回家路,就这样变成了可用红包数丈量的.

        除夕之夜, 所有电视台都播着“春节吐槽联欢”,想必很多人的不会盯着电视屏幕,而会将目光锁定手机屏幕。那些能狂热到让腾讯服务器频繁宕机的人们,到时候恐怕已没和时间吐槽春晚,他们关心的是如何能更快抢到红包。难怪有人调侃,说“抢红包”是春晚导演冯小刚搬来的救兵。

        互联网时代的流行瞬息万变,“偷菜”仿佛已是上个世纪的老故事,“飞机大战”也迅速从全民疯玩转为无人问津,现在流行的“抢红包”,也难逃速生速死的命运。这个用无聊来对抗无聊的游戏,很快就会被人们抛弃,但可以肯定的是,它至少能成为今年春节的一种“新年俗”,让春节多几分新鲜乐趣,让相熟的朋友一起嗨。当然, 还有流动其间的新春祝福,正如有说,“散不起财,就散散对朋友的问候与祝福”。


Source: Beijing Times

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