Posted on Wednesday, January 2014, 1 29:17
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[Guide] On the 28th, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala program of the Year of the Horse with Feng Xiaogang [weibo] as the chief director was finally officially exposed. From the program list, you can see that the Feng's Spring Festival Gala is like a concert. More than half of the programs are songs, while only 5 programs in traditional languages ​​remain.

In previous years, the Spring Festival Gala started with singing and dancing, but today's Spring Festival Gala has changed slightly. Feng Xiaogang, who has always been good at using film and television language narratives, specially produced a short film called "What is the Spring Festival Gala", inviting Zhang Jiayi, Lin Dan and other big names from various circles to interpret the Spring Festival Gala.

It can be seen from the program list that there are 42 programs in the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Horse, and 22 pure song programs. Among them, there are works by veteran singers such as Coco Li, Zhang Liangying, Sha Baoliang, and songs by Huo Zun, Wang Xiaomin, Hua Chenyu, and Li Qi. The mutual PK between Chinese and old singers makes the Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Horse like a concert.

In addition, South Korean actor Lee Min Ho and Yu Chengqing’s song "Love Is Already" has always attracted fans' attention. This show will appear in the midfield and will take over Feng Gong’s sketch "I’m Just Such a Person". That day, Lee Min Ho’s handsome performance is expected to be fans Pour a female fan.

It’s worth mentioning that this year’s language programs have shrunk by nearly half compared to last year. At present, there are only four sketches and one cross talk, which are the sketches performed by Cai Ming [Weibo], Hua Shao, Yue Yunpeng, and Dapeng, "I disturbed you." ;Shen Teng, Ma Li, Du Xiaoyu's skit "I can't help"; Feng Gong, Cao Suifeng, Jiang Shimeng's skit "I'm So Alone"; Guo Donglin, Niu Li, Shao Feng's skit "People to Gifts" , As well as the cross talk "What's so good about you" performed by Cao Yunjin and Liu Yuntian. The "Happy Twist" sketch "Classmate Reunion" that had previously appeared in the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal was temporarily killed and was not on the final performance list.

Source: Sina Entertainment