Spring Festival Gala language programs shrink like a concert

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Posted on Wednesday, January 2014, 1 29:17
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  It can be seen from the program list that there are 42 programs in the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Horse, and 22 pure song programs.Among them, there are works by veteran singers such as Coco Li, Zhang Liangying, Sha Baoliang, and songs by Huo Zun, Wang Xiaomin, Hua Chenyu, and Li Qi.The mutual PK between Chinese and old singers makes the Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Horse like a concert.


  It’s worth mentioning that this year类节目较缩水近一半,目前只剩下四个小品和一个, Respectively[]、华少、鹏、大鹏表演的小品《扰民了你》;沈腾、马丽、杜晓宇表演的小品《扶不扶》;冯巩、曹随峰、蒋诗萌表演的小品《我就这么个人》;郭冬临、牛莉、邵峰表演的小品《人到礼到》,以及曹云金、刘云天表演的《说你什么好》。此前曾亮相的“开心麻花”小品《同学会》则临时被毙,不在最终表演名单上。

Source: Sina Entertainment

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