Excess accounting students coming to Australia may be removed from the 14-year immigration list

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Posted on January 2014, 1 Thursday 10:29
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 [Guide] January 1, Australia Eastern Time 联邦就业部称,就业市场上已经有很多找不到工作的会计毕业生了,因此会计专业应当从澳洲技术Removed from the priority list.

        EST January 1 联邦就业部称,就业市场上已经有很多找不到工作的会计毕业生了,因此会计专业应当从澳洲技术的优先名单里面剔除。“职位的空缺率达到了自2006年工作指数开始的最低水平,并无好转的迹象。”就业部在提交的technology职业清单的审查报告里面.

        In addition, the Employment Department also cited a study by Deakin University, which stated that there is a surplus of accounting graduates from China, and there is an imbalance in the number of Australian and international students in this major.

        清单对于希望technology获得永久的海外学生来说是至关重要的。4月或5月,部长就将公布2014年技术The list of occupations is expected to be on July 7Take effect.

        Monash大学的研究员Bob Birrell称,尽管留学生在毕业后可以申请工作签证,但是学会计是通往永居之路的理念仍然是澳洲大学招收自费生的一个重要砝码。“如果会计专业从技术职业清单中剔除,那么可能会对招生人数产生. "he.

        It is reported that in 2012, all students studying accounting accounted for 61% of overseas students.

Source: TodaySydney

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