2014-01-29 14:49:10 Source: Chinanews website Nikiedit

China News Service, January 1. According to reports, a Melbourne Asian man was accused of killing his girlfriend's one-year-old son. He told the police that he accidentally stepped on the towel and fell the child to the ground.

Paul Ta-Vuong, 30, from Burwood, was charged with the murder of boy Silas Leithhead in Richmond on May 5. At the Ta-Vuong trial held on the 15th, the police officer investigating the case pointed out that when he arrived at Richmond’s apartment in May last year, he saw the suspect packing a package, and he appeared to be taking drugs.

When the police officer came to their bedroom, Ta-Vuong told him what had happened. "He said that when I was about to put him on the bed, I accidentally tripped over a towel on the floor, and the child hit his head."

The court learned that the police officer came to the scene and asked Ta-Vuong if he had taken drugs at the time.

The police officer said that when the accused man made a statement on the day of the crime, he was so dizzy and unconscious that his speech was not very articulate.

After stating what happened to the police in May last year, in court on the 5th, the suspect once again reviewed the process of the tragedy that day.

The police officer in charge of the case said, “The way he fell was as if he fell directly to where the child should have been.