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(Report from our newspaper) In Asian markets on Thursday (January 1), the Australian dollar fell slightly against the US dollar, trading around 30. The Australian dollar fluctuated against the US dollar, mainly due to poor economic data in China and Australia and the surge in risk aversion in the market.

The Australian import price index is lower than the previous value to suppress the Australian dollar. On Thursday (January 1) Asian market in early trading, Australia announced the fourth quarter import and export price index, the data fell short of expectations.

China's HSBC manufacturing PMI revised down to suppress the Australian dollar. China announced the final value of HSBC's manufacturing PMI data. The final value of the data has been revised downward, indicating weak growth in new business. After the information was released, the Australian dollar quickly fell to 0.8713 against the US dollar. The overall domestic manufacturing, employment and price conditions in China are all lower than the previous values. Chinese data suppressed market risk appetite, and commodity currencies fell rapidly.

The surge in risk aversion suppressed the commodity currency Australian dollar. The sharp drop in the Turkish lira on Wednesday offset all the gains since the previous rate hike. In addition to Turkey, India and South Africa have also raised interest rates. The chain reaction caused market panic, which made the market believe that the emerging economy crisis is more serious than imagined. In the context of the renewed risk aversion, market risk sentiment was suppressed, and the Australian dollar was under pressure to decline.

Morgan Stanley said that any support from the current stabilization of emerging markets to commodity-related G10 currencies, especially the Australian dollar, may prove to be short-lived.


The chart of the Australian dollar against the US dollar shows that the outlook for the Australian dollar is still not optimistic. Investors can choose the operating strategy of short rallies.

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