2014-01-29 13:20:08 Source: Sydney Original Website Marieedit

Sydney, January 1, Eastern Time, Australia's Internet speed has improved a lot in the past year, but still lags behind the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia. And Asia has consolidated its position as the fastest place in the world.

According to Akamai's latest National Internet Report, Australia ranks 30th in terms of global Internet speed rankings, with an average peak Internet speed of 30.1Mbps. This is a 32% increase in internet speed compared to the same period last year. Australia ranked 36 last year, with an average peak Internet speed of 22.8 Mbps.

Although Australia's average peak Internet speed and average Internet speed are higher than the global average (17.9 Mbps and 3.6 Mbps), it still lags behind many developed countries.

According to the average peak internet speed, the top four places in the world are all in Asia: Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Singapore. Taiwan ranks eighth, so Asia accounts for half of the top ten global Internet speed rankings.

Almost all major Asian markets have increased their peak Internet speeds, which have increased by more than 12% compared to the previous year. Indonesia is the only one to fall behind, with peak internet speed dropping by 30% to 9 Mbps. And China's average network speed of 11.3Mbps failed to squeeze into the top 100.

The 20 fastest places in the world:

Hong Kong: 65.4 Mbps
South Korea: 63.6 Mbps
Japan: 52 Mbps
Singapore: 50.1 Mbps
Israel: 47.7 Mbps
Romania: 45.4 Mbps
Latvia: 43.1 Mbps
Taiwan: 42.7 Mbps
Netherlands: 39.6 Mbps
Belgium: 38.5 Mbps
Switzerland: 38.4 Mbps
Bulgaria: 37 Mbps
United States: 37 Mbps
Kuwait: 36.4 Mbps
UAE: 36 Mbps
United Kingdom: 35.7 Mbps
Canada: 34.8 Mbps
Czech Republic: 34.8 Mbps
Macau: 34.4 Mbps
Sweden: 33.1 Mbps