Australia's fourth quarter import price index quarterly rate drops 0.5%

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Posted on Friday, January 2014, 1 31:10
: Intern01

 【导读】澳大利亚(ABS)周四(1月30日)公布的数据显示,澳大利亚第四季度季率0.5%, expected0.5%, the previous value increased by 4.2%

        global1月30日讯澳大利亚(ABS)周四(1月30日)公布的数据显示,澳大利亚第四季度季率0.5%, expected0.5%,前值上升4.2%;澳大利亚第四季度出口季率0.6%, the previous value rose 4.2%.

        数据还显示,澳大利亚第四季度年率上升5.2%,前值上升6.1%;澳大利亚第四季度出口The annual rate increased by 6.2%, and the previous value increased by 6.1%.

        among them,aspect,畜类The annual rate increased by 11.8%,ProductsAnnual rate17.0%;出口方面,粗制品(除原油)出口The annual rate increased by 19.3%,Commodity exportAnnual rate16.2%.

Source: Universalnetwork

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