2014-01-29 11:31:32 Source: Sydney Original Website Celiaedit

Sydney, Australia Eastern Time, January 1, a 29-year-old motorcycle thief in the eastern suburbs of Perth tried to hide under the inflatable swimming pool to escape the police and police dogs.

On Tuesday night, the police dog team was patrolling the Belmont area. When they asked the man on the motorcycle to stop, the man not only did not stop, but immediately turned around in the central isolation zone, so the police chased the man all the way.

The suspect abandoned the motorcycle in the lane of a residential house and ran away.

The police dog Storm can follow the man's scent to the backyard of a house, and the police found the suspect in the swimming pool.

The Forrestfield man was subsequently detained. He was charged with stealing a motorcycle, refused to stop, and had no right to drive. He is expected to appear in the Perth Magistrates' Court on February 2.