Australian thief steals a car with a guilty conscience and escapes by hiding in the swimming pool but is badly dealt by a police dog – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-29 11:31:32 Source: Sydney Original URL  Celiaedit

        Sydney News, January 1, Eastern Time, Australia A 29-year-old in the Eastern DistrictThe thief tried to hide under the inflatable swimming pool to escapeAnd the chase of the police dog.

        On Tuesday night, the police dog team was patrolling the Belmont area, when they asked to rideOfWhen stopped,Not only did it not stop, but immediately turned around in the central isolation belt, soHunt down the.

        willAbandoned in the driveway of a residential house, and ran away.

        Police dog Storm can followThe scent goes all the way to one placeBackyard,Then in the pool.

        This name is ForrestfieldWas subsequently detained and he was charged with theft, Refused, Is not authorized to drive, he is expected to be on February 2The Magistrate's Court is brought up.


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