2014-01-30 11:54:08 Source: Sydney Original Website Steedit

The most luxurious and largest production concert in the history of Australia Jay Chou Mo Tianlun will be held in Sydney Olympic Park on April 4. As the first show of the 11 World Tour, Jay Chou revealed that it will add unprecedented new elements, bringing the latest and greatest 2014D technology to the stage of the show for the first time, integrating classic classic songs, and bringing more shock to Sydney fans More gorgeous magic music show.

The organizer, Aohua Entertainment, revealed that the huge investment in production will set a record in the history of concerts in Australia. Fireworks and other special effects will bring an audiovisual storm to the audience. Jaylen will sing the memories of the fans and accompany them to spend a happy and unforgettable evening.

Fans and friends in Australia, don't miss this golden opportunity!

Ticketing hotline: XNUMX or official website jaychou.yeeyi.com

Australia's most luxurious and largest production concert, Jay Chou will fly to Sydney Olympic Park on the magic day machine on April 4, show you the gorgeous 11D magic show, and sing memories to spend a happy night with fans, you are ready ?