2014-01-29 14:36:30 Source: Chinanews website Nikiedit

Chinanews, January 1. According to a report from Australia.com, Tourism Australia appointed John O'Sullivan, chief operating officer of Fox Sports, as the next head of Tourism Australia on the 29th. People, he will take office at the end of March. This move aims to use his professional expertise to increase the number of overseas tourists, especially Chinese tourists, and bring economic benefits.

Tourism Australia Chairman Geoff Dixon said he was very happy to have a strong player like O'Sullivan joining. Dixon said: "O'Sullivan is passionate about the cause of the country. Combined with his knowledge and experience in the industry, he is fully capable of leading the existing strong team."

According to reports, the Australian Tourism Investigation Bureau recently interviewed 3600 Chinese tourists who came to Australia for vacation and found that nearly XNUMX% of Chinese tourists were satisfied with their trip to Australia. O'Sullivan was appointed after the results of this investigation were announced.

It is also reported that Chinese tourists are most satisfied with their personal safety in Australia, reaching 96%; another 94% of tourists think Australians are friendly and kind.