Australia's college enrollment expansion may taste bitter fruit, and it is getting harder and harder for college students to find employment – ​​Australian News – Sydney

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        Under the so-called "determined on demand" university funding system, the upper enrollment limit was cancelled, and the number of local students funded by taxpayers increased from 2009 in 46.9 to an estimated 57.7 last year.


        Monash University researcher Bob Birrell said on Tuesday: “These college graduates are about to enter a severely weakened job market.In a few years, everyone will find it hard to find a job, because our job creation rate is slowing down significantly. "

        在去年的大选之前,前工党will和就业部As a department, its submission on the review of the 2013 Skilled Migration Occupation List did not touch upon the university’s education reforms.Impact.

         this year,没有再对技术移民职业清单审查提交任何意见书,但指出在短期到中期内,更多进入疲软就业市场的大学毕业生,就业前景将一片萧瑟。


        butOf专家刘易斯(Phil Lewis)则表示,应届毕业生的就业市场总有松弛的时候,而这也总是会影响到社会新鲜人,但从长远来看,一个人找到工作并拿到最理想薪资的最好机会就是上大学。

        (Australia News Network)

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